Personal Information Policy

Collection of Information

1. Overview
In order to provide a better user experience and personalized service, Polygroup may collect basic usage information or personal information from your device.

2. Collection Content
1) The device is assigned a serial number. Through this serial number, your device can synchronize data between the device and the software through the server.
2) Information collected by third-party applications. Some third-party applications may send some user information to the device, but Polygroup declares that this part of the data will not involve your personally identifiable information. At the same time, Polygroup may share non-personal collection information with designated third-party application providers for performing certain functions, but Polygroup declares that this part of the information will not involve your personal identity.
3) The software and equipment provide online voice interaction functions such as voice recognition and semantic understanding, and therefore, it needs to be recorded and uploaded to the server to complete the service.
4) Location information, your device may send location information, such as GPS information, to Polygroup.
5) The device may report the location information of your mobile phone.

3. Collection Purposes
Polygroup will use your information to process your request and provide services to you. In addition, Polygroup may also use information for analysis to help develop new features or improve the overall quality of product services. In particular, you can choose not to use a specific service or feature.

4. Use Anonymously
During your use, you do not need to indicate your true identity or provide basic personal information to Polygroup. However, Polygroup may collect and store the data network usage information generated during your use as needed.