Our Factories

From the beginning, we’ve owned our own factory. We have been able to ensure quality by owning our entire process, from start to finish.

Polygroup® cares about our retailers, which is reflected in how we approach everything from manufacturing to shipping our products directly to you. And with our global network of factories, we can continually innovate to offer and deliver quality products.

We’ve grown and now have factories in Dongguan and Heyuan, China and in Mexico. We’re now expanding, building our fourth factory in Pingnan, China. With a focus on lean manufacturing, we’ve been able to pass down savings while continuing our tradition of creating top-level products and delivering excellent service.


The Bar Is High

Polygroup sets the bar high, with standards of excellent quality, fair prices and continued retailer satisfaction. We own some of the finest vertically integrated manufacturing factories, so we’re able to concentrate on excellence. We don’t settle for the ordinary–we work for the extraordinary. That’s why our retailers count on us.


Polygroup cares about sustainability. We lead by example, working to make our factories, manufacturing and work environments as safe, efficient and green as possible. We are committed to taking care of the environment—and we are always working toward making the world a better place.


Our Team

Since 1989, our talented teams in China and Mexico have been manufacturing high-grade products. Today, more than 13,000 engineers, designers and production workers build and operate sophisticated, custom equipment that produces millions of quality products every year.


Delivered with Care

You can always count on Polygroup®. We only deliver products that are both high-quality and at a great value. But don’t just take our word for it. Get started by reaching out to us for more details. Contact Us