Our Story

Here for the moments that matter

Learn about Polygroup’s humble beginnings and how it grew to be one of world’s biggest manufacturer of innovative, high-quality Winter and Summer Seasonal products.


A Boy’s Wish

How it all started

One Christmas, Paul visited a Vancouver shopping mall with his family. His 10-year-old son Lewis saw a Christmas tree on display and said he wished he could take it home. The tree was very expensive and it wasn’t something that they could splurge on. So Paul promised his son that he would make one for him.

That simple wish and promise was the inspiration as Paul went to Thailand in 1989 to start a factory to design and make Christmas trees for his son and other families around the world.

As years passed, Paul turned Polygroup into the world’s largest artificial Christmas tree manufacturer – creating 50 to 60 percent of artificial Christmas trees for the global market. 

Together with his son Lewis, they run the business to make many more wishes come true.


Today’s Polygroup

Fun-filled family moments for every home

Today, Polygroup® is the global industry leader in the manufacturing of artificial Christmas trees, above ground pools and summer inflatable toys. Employing 13,000+ people with multiple factory locations, we are committed to offering the most innovative, fun-filled and high quality products for customers to enjoy with their family and friends all year round.


Our Mission

Our main goal is to deliver the highest quality, most comfortable and hassle-free products that bring enjoyment to our customers’ lives. We employ the latest technology as well as the highest-grade materials to accomplish that. Our main measure of success is our customers’ happiness—season after season.