LED LightWizard Troubleshooting

Q: The lights of one (or more) of the outlets go out
The outlet is overloaded. Unplug the power and wait for 30 minutes. 
- Check that the power output of your lights does not exceed 0.5 Amp, the maximum capacity of each outlet.
- Replace with lights of less lighting load.
- Connect with only states, constant standard LED lights without any functions.

Q: Lights flash abnormally
- Remove your lights and replace with only static/constant LED lights without any functions or controller


- Connect only standard LED lights without any functions.
- This product is equipped with an internal protection device (circuit breaker) that shuts off the power to an outlet when the outlet is overloaded.
- If lights with amperage over 0.5 A are plugged to the outlet, the device will automatically switch off the outlet. Remove the lights and the outlet will work normally again.