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Take a look at of our state-of-the-art manufacturing factories around the globe. Polygroup® is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of Artificial Christmas Trees, Above Ground Pools, Imaginative Floats, Inflatable Toys. and Air Beds. 

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Distance from Shenzhen: 61km


Dongguan Factory

The Dongguan Factory is our hub of research & development and sales. Our two spacious showrooms, of Christmas products and inflatables respectively, make product selection a convenient and enjoyable experience to retailers and guests.

Total Building Area: 199,704m2
Total Land Area: 140,070m2


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Heyuan Factory

Located at six different locations, Heyuan is Polygroup’s largest base of manufacturing and the center of raw material production. All our six factories are equipped with advanced machines and devices, production lines and facilities to produce high-quality raw materials, corrugated boxes, PVC films, pools and lights. There are also workspaces of polyester weaving, copper stringing and warehouse.

Total Building Area: 632,393m2
Total Land Area: 790,588m2


Check out our other factories in Dongguan, Mexico and Pingnan!





Distance from Shenzhen: 189km



Distance from Shenzhen: 12,610km


Mexico Factory

Established in 2013, the Juarez Chihuahua Mexico Factory is Polygroup’s first production facility outside of Asia, and has recently expanded by adding a 250,000sq.ft. (approx. 23,225m2) facility to handle increased demand. An initiative to better serve the US domestic market, the 750-strong factory specializes in garland, wreath, light sets, polypool and filter production.

Total Building Area: 23,225m2
Total Land Area: 92,903m2


Check out our other factories in Dongguan, Heyuan and Pingnan!


Pingnan Factory

The Chinese Province of Guangxi is the new home to our Pingnan Factory. With our continuous expansion, we are building a xxx square feet factory... This project is schedule to complete 2019. ...



To be complete 2019 | To employ: xxxx



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